Vale Carpet Cleaning

This is the official website (www.ValeCarpetCleaning.co.uk) for Vale Carpet Cleaning services in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan in the United Kingdom. The website is professionally designed, with contact information easy to find in the upper right hand corner of the website. Customers will find the phone number, as well as links to the company Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ account, and YouTube account. The clean design with white, gray, and various shades of blue makes the overall website easy to read and look at. It’s easy for customers who are interested in either commercial or residential carpet cleaning services to get a free, no obligation quote, as there is a form to fill out on the right hand side of the home page. On the homepage, you will be able to learn more about the company, as well as the services they provide, the...

Khan Academy

Khan Academy makes the big promise that anyone can learn anything. Does this site deliver? Absolutely. Khan Academy has gotten the support of the world’s biggest personalities such as Bill Gates. This fantastic website features tutorial videos on a very wide range of topics. On Khan Academy, visitors can watch video tutorials on topics like mathematics, art, history, economics and more. Another extremely wonderful thing about the website is how everything is offered for free. There is no subscription to pay or any special content that has to be purchased. The first thing you’ll notice on the site is a beautiful, simple and elegant homepage. There are three big buttons on the center. One is labeled with the words “Start learning now” and the other two buttons are links for parents and teachers respectively. Scroll down the...

Juggling Inferno

Are you ready to play with fire? Juggling Inferno is in the business of entertainment and their website is definitely not a boring one. How can any site appear plain when it uses bold shades of red? The fiery image on top is eye-catching yet doesn’t distract visitors from the high quality content of the site. Anyone who wants to know what Juggling Inferno has to offer will enjoy the site tremendously. It’s filled with useful information and anyone will find it no trouble at all to navigate the contents. Everything potential clients need to know before picking up the phone or emailing Juggling Inferno is right here. If you want to know what type of events Juggling Inferno performers can handle, you can quickly see this by looking at the top menu. It contains links to Weddings, Parties and Corporate pages. Clicking on the type of...

Freshen Up Your Home

Cluttered sites lead to cluttered minds. Websites with a crisp and clean layout are definitely underrated. Freshen Up Your Home delivers topnotch home improvement articles without resorting to useless bells and whistles. The main thing that stands out on this site - other than its well written articles - is the simple look. The site is made with a pure white background and displays just one photo. It’s a sole banner image of a ceiling fan. Most of the articles are surround the list of ceiling fan brands and manufacturers and their products. Other home decorating and DIY articles are also included. All the pages of the site come with the same simple layout. The main body displays the article of each page. To the right is a list of links. The first set contains links to different articles as well as the Home and Blog pages. This menu is...

The Key Guy

There are few things in this world far more frustrating than being locked out of your house or car without a spare key in your reach. TheKeyGuy.com is the official website for a mobile locksmith that serves San Joaquin County California including: Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, and other nearby areas. For people in California, but outside of the San Joaquin County service area, there are affiliates that serve cities such as Sacramento, Merced, and various other cities in and around the Bay Area.The website features a navy blue and light gray color scheme, with black text that is easy to read. The color scheme not only fits the type of website, but is easy on the eyes, as well. The color navy is associated with calming and trust in color theory, which is why it is a commonly used color in banking and in the police force.In the upper right hand corner of...

Design Stoler

Love mid-century modern design? Make Design Stoler your new favorite site. DesignStoler.net is the best place on the web to learn everything about the most sought-after mid-century modern furniture on the market. These designs go back many decades and Design Stoler allows you to learn everything there is to know about both designers of this era and the wonderful furniture designs that became commercial successes. Many of these furniture designs continue to draw attention as a new general of furniture lovers are introduced to the classic lines and exceptional quality of mid-century design. Design Stoler is packed with information to help anyone learn more about mid-century modern furniture design. The site has the simple and chic Design Stoler logo at the top left corner. At the top of the page there are categories readers can click tagged...

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has been in show business for decades. His most popular venture, The Joe Rogan Experience, is a podcast listeners can check out on Sirius radio or online. The podcast features comedians and experts in different fields from national security to the paranormal. It’s always an interesting, wild time on The Joe Rogan Experience and Joe Rogan allows listeners of the show to check out past episodes and archived programming they won’t find anywhere else. Joe Rogan makes it easy for listeners new and old to get a feel for The Joe Rogan experience when they aren’t listening to the podcast. The site has the Joe Rogan logo at the top left and social media buttons are located at the top right. Across the top of the page are categories such as Tour, Video and About. Click on any of the categories for more information on that subject....

Psychic Ratings

The next time you’re on the hunt for a reliable, honest psychic, making Psychic Ratings your first stop. The beauty of www.psychicratings.org is not only do they aim to show readers the common scams of fake psychics, but they also have approved lists of the best psychics working. Some psychic networks are more trustworthy than others and with Psychic Ratings it’s easy to determine the best psychic for your needs. The site has a simple logo at the top right corner. Categories across the top of the page include Psychic Network Reviews and Blogs. At right there’s a column with some of the most common questions people have when looking for a new psychic. Whether this is a new adventure for your or you have a lot of experience with psychics, it is always good to brush up on the latest scams psychics are likely to pull with clients. At...

Ubuntu Stay

At Ubuntu Stay, you will find the best way to find travel accommodations throughout South Africa. Learning where to stay when traveling is half the battle. There’s no reason to feel you’re on your own when planning the ultimate vacation to South Africa. Turn to Ubuntu Stay for the most reliable and safe travel accommodations in South Africa that will ensure a great time had by all. Ubuntu Stay understands the client must trust the travel site and feel safe, which is why they are equipped to answer any and all questions via email or phone. If you have a question about Ubuntu Stay and any of their travel lodging located across South Africa, do not hesitate to contact the company. Get a feel for what it’s like to go on a South African vacation by visiting the Ubuntu Stay site. At the top center of the page is the Ubuntu Stay logo with...

SEO Beaver

One look at SEO Beaver’s website and anyone can see the staff knows how to create a topnotch page. The company’s webpage is designed with a predominantly black and white color scheme. Soothing blue and neutral beige shades are used on a few graphical components of the site. The color theme results in a very elegant and easy-to-read look.Another thing visitors will notice about SEO Beaver is how hassle-free it is to navigate the site and find answers to commonly asked questions regarding SEO companies. The webpage comes with a top menu that lists 7 options: home, about us, what we deliver, pricing, blog, contact us and login. A convenient search icon, specifically an icon of a magnifying glass, is placed on the far top-right corner of the page.Time is worth gold and fancy emeralds in this age. Because of the clear way information is displayed...

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