Salon Advantage

Salon owners that are looking for software to manage their business can find the solution to their problem at Salon Advantage. Salon Advantage and their salon software takes advantage of the most convenient website and software habits to draw its audience in and create a great user experience through enhanced efficiency. It gives them the information they are looking for in a very pleasing, yet professional, relaxed environment – just like a good salon. Attractive Design The color scheme is very attractive. Mauve, grey, white and black all work very well together. The primary colors are mauve and grey. White and grey are used for the font in the menus. The rest of the text on the website is black. Each page is two columns, except for the front page. The right column allows you to interact with the website. It presents information...


Vimeo.com is an amazing website that is really focused on the experience of film and video. It wholeheartedly supports and nurtures the independent film and video community. It stands apart as a safe haven to go and support independent artists who share your love of film.Vimeo RulesVimeo has rules that tell you what every adult should know: be respectful of other people. This is what makes this site so great. You can and will get kicked out for being obnoxious. In fact, one of their rules specifically states “We request, nay— we insist! — that while you are on Vimeo you respect the people you encounter, as well as their videos, such as this one by a New Jersey Traffic Lawyer offering his law-related services to the viewers. You are free to disagree and/or provide critical feedback, but please keep it respectful.”This is why Vimeo has one...

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

As the name suggests, Philadelphia Injury Lawyer is the website of a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. While there are many attorneys doing business in this part of the state, some have a better web presence than others.A Killer LayoutFor a personal injury lawyer to stand out in the crowd, especially in a large city, he or she needs a website with a high quality layout that is easy to follow. This is exactly what you get with Philadelphia Injury Lawyer.From the moment you visit this website, you will be impressed by the fact that there is a lot of information above the fold. In addition to the main navigation, there is a large phone number as well as icons for social media profiles.As you move down the page, there are four content boxes entitled: car accidents, bus accidents, slip and fall accidents, and medical malpractice.To ensure that a...

Personal Injury Lawyer

Nobody dreams about hiring a personal injury lawyer, however, this is something that many people are faced with at some point in their life. Personal Injury Lawyers is one of the top websites in this space, thanks to the high quality content combined with a layout that is easy on the eyes.Since there are thousands of personal injury lawyers from one side of the country to the next, it can often times be a challenge to choose the right one. For this reason, those with a high quality website have a greater chance of success. A Standout in a Crowded Industry It is hard for personal injury lawyers to secure new clients, thanks to a lot of industry competition. Personal Injury Lawyers is a standout in a crowded industry, thanks in large part to their website.In today’s day and age, more people than ever are searching online for information. This is...


It's not often that we cover a website on such a narrow topic as this, quite frankly because they don't update frequently enough to even be considered a blog.  But this site, StethoscopeReviews.us, reviewing stethoscopes obviously, is so well designed that we had to direct your attention to it if even just for a moment.  The top portion of the homepage is one of the most beautifully designed landing experiences I've seen.  Talk about user experience and saving the viewer a ton of time.  You can see the best stethoscopes in the four tiers that are available in a quick snapshot that shows all of their various features in comparison against one another along with their prices and pictures.  Literally everything you might need to make an educated decision is right there without needing to scroll the page even a little bit. But besides that...

RSA School of Motoring

RSA School of Motoring knows the importance of being visible. In an area where learning to drive is important, they have to find a way to stand out amongst the many driving schools that are out there. Right off, the focal point for the website is to make people want to see what all is offered. Since it’s a school for driving, there really aren’t many variants so that is the one challenge presented here. When it comes to driving lessons Dublin is chock full of horrible drivers. Those in the surrounding areas such as Fainglas and Rathgar know what I'm talking about! Thankfully RSA is here to help. Loud and Proud The website is very bold and attractive. It has lots of green and red color and with the black background, this really says look at me. The pictures change every ten seconds and this shows different people that have passed the...

Psychic Prophet

PsychicProphet works to educate those who are curious about consulting a psychic. It can be difficult to know who to trust online when seeking a psychic to visit with regularly. There are many psychic scams online and otherwise and PsychicProphet.com gives readers tips and tricks to find a trustworthy psychic. The site also has psychic sites it endorses and recommends to readers looking for a psychic that doesn’t abide by some of the shady practices seen on sites. At right, readers meet the author of the site and below is a column with links to some of the most popular blog posts on the site. Content spells out the scams people should watch for when consulting a psychic. It isn’t just about finding the right psychic, but also finding a psychic you mesh well with. As when choosing a doctor or attorney, it is important to connect with a psychic...

My Accident Claims

Myaccidentclaims.com is a great resource for people looking for a lawyer when they are hurt in an accident. When you’re the victim of an accident, you need experts to handle your case who understand the law and know how to get the best possible outcome. It’s critical to choose a knowledgeable law team with plenty of experience. This website is full of information to help you make a sound decision for your future. Site navigation The banner across the top offers contact information, hours of operation, and social media links. It communicates the most pertinent information at the very top of the page. The navigation bar beneath the header outlines the various types of cases the law firm represents: ● Accident at work ● Car accident claims ● Slip and trip claims ● Cycle accident claims ● Motorcycle...

South West Greenhouses

If you’re interested in growing things, the attractive site of South West Greenhouses is a great place to start. The bright color scheme, featuring a grass green header against a landscape background of a bright blue sky over a field of healthy grass, is visually pleasing and dynamic. Big, bright photos of people, plants, and products are prominently featured. NavigationThe site’s navigation structure is one of its most interesting features. Visitors looking to buy a greenhouse can search by several criteria. The options include:● Manufacturer brands● Greenhouse size● Type of greenhouse● Special offers● Featured productsWithin the categories, there are further breakdowns to make shopping easier. Some customers may prefer a wooden greenhouse, while others may want a modern geometrical design. Navigational features make it easy to...


The Substance Abuse Counselor Resource Center is exactly what it sounds like. It is the headquarters and home base for all counselors in the field who specialize in treating addiction, substance abuse, and chemical dependency. Whether you are just entering the field, interested in joining the every-growing group of medical and psychology professionals, or are long established already and just need some resources and information to help you crack a hard case, then you’ve found the right website! One of the superficial but most useful features of this website is the nationwide directory of hospitals and treatment centers that deal with substance abuse in their patients. If you need to refer a family member, a friend, or yourself for treatment, then you have plenty of options. If you are in the career and you are moving to a new location and...

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