Sonic Drive Entertainment

When it comes to web design with a singular goal, simple is better.  WeddingMusicToronto.ca pulls this off with skill by having a short-form homepage.  The valuable top portion of the website is very cleanly organized, making space for not only the logo of the company, Sonic Drive Entertainment, but also for the full main menu and the entire collection of social buttons leading to their social media network.  This arrangement is key because you capture the viewer and keep them within your circle so you can continually engage them and establish your brand in their minds. The simple white background is great for not distracting your viewer, but you also need to keep their eyes focused within the main column, which can be wide or narrow depending on the width of the viewer’s monitor.  So this designer has opted for a static width design...

The TEFL Academy

A very attractive career for those who love to travel is Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which is often abbreviated using the term “TEFL.” Unfortunately for those who wish to do this, they have to take courses and pass an exam to receive their accreditation. Fortunately for them, though, The TEFL Academy exists to provide all of the various information needed to make this transition as easy as possible.The main thing to understand as a web designer about this industry is that it is very complex with a lot of hoops to jump through before you can embark on your adventures. You have to find a school that offers the coursework, you have to book a time with an exam center, you’ll have to learn a foreign language yourself, and you’ll have to find a job, book a flight and make accommodations wherever you are going. There’s a lot to...


Companies like Etsy understand that people in general want to express themselves through being unique. And this stretches to every avenue of life imaginable from clothing, automobiles, and technology. iCordination understands this and is offering their line of USB cables, smart phone cables, iPad calbes, and more, all in bright, lively colors.Many companies offer cases for tablets and smart phones and even let you customize them to preciseliy what you want as a buyer. But then you’re still stuck with a cruddy white or black cable. But now you can purchase the specific color you want with a convenient 10 ft iphone 5 charger through iCordination. You have now coordinated your colors with your cord!The top portion of the homepage of this website is very interesting because it is dynamic in the sense that the top slider will stretch to fit the...

Cohen Law Firm

In a marketplace with tens of thousands of lawyers to chose from, specialization can be hugely important in achieving your goals and protecting your interests. Cohen Law Firm are the trusted dental attorney law professionals, providing services across the entire spectrum of dental law needs.Their extremely user friendly website is clean and easy to navigate. Equipped with both a drop down menu of services at the top and hyperlinked text on the home page, users are easily able to see areas of law speciality the firm represents including: Dental Attorney, Dental Transition Services, Dental Practice Sales, Dental Partnerships, Dental Business Formation and Structuring, and Dental Associateships.Cohen Law Firm prominently displays their contact information for both locations of their firm, making it easy for General Dentists, Orthodontists,...

Total Med

Medical tourism is gaining popularity. Clinics that market their services to other countries don’t just exist in Thailand or Mexico anymore. There are plenty of advantages this industry brings. It’s excellent for the local economies where the medical procedures take place while patients are allowed to save money and choose from medical practitioners anywhere in the world. Of course having a procedure done in a foreign city or country can be daunting. Total Med’s website seeks to provide useful content about the medical procedures they offer while soothing fears patients might have. A slider featuring stunning images of various European cities where the procedures can be booked elegantly decorate the homepage. Beautiful structures of Italy are included in the slider as well as photos of professional looking medical offices. Anyone can...

Square Enix

When you’re a business with one of the world’s most popular gaming franchise under your belt, a lot is expected of your company website. Fortunately for Square Enix, their American website does not disappoint fans. Square Enix is responsible for giving the world of gaming the ultra popular Final Fantasy series. This Japan-based gaming company also created Dragon Quest and RPG-favorite Kingdom Hearts. The first thing visitors will be attracted to on the company’s website is the slider with stunning photographs of upcoming games. This slider takes up most of the homepage. The images include shots from the latest games as well as promotional photos such as pre-order instructions for upcoming titles. The top menu of the site is designed in a simple and effective manner. There are five links named Games, Blog, Music, Forum and Shop. The Music...

Buddhist Door

Make Buddhist Door your first stop for learning about all things Buddhism. Buddhists from around the world visit Buddhist Door for more information on Buddhism and to take their Buddhism practice to the next level. There’s always something new to learn with this exciting religion and lifestyle. Let Buddhist Door show you how easy it is to make Buddhism part of your everyday life to help you find a more centered approach to everything you love. The site starts with a vibrant logo at the top left corner. It says Buddhist Door International with a graphic of continents around the world. Across the top of the page are various categories such as Articles, Media and Subscribe. A search bar sits at the top right corner and there are translation buttons that translate Buddhist Door to Cantonese. Rich graphics sit at center in a pin board-like...

Sword Art Online

Most websites follow a particular format: a top menu, main body of the page on the left and a right column that contains links. This formula works and leads to readability and ease of use. Creativity can be lacking however and there are times when we all need a breathe of fresh air. Sword Art Online brings art and a user-friendly template together. One look at the online version of this popular manga novel and you know it’s no ordinary website.A large and vibrant image dominates most of the page. Visitors’ eyes are drawn to a digital poster of Sword Art Online. Characters of this light novel series are featured in the image, an image that speaks of action, adventure and suspense. This makes the website a piece of art in itself. The site’s background is a simple black shade with thin diagonal stripes. The series is set in the near future and...

The American Conservative

If you’re looking for news and current events that discuss the latest issues, look no further than The American Conservative. This online magazine, as well as its print version, is published by the non-profit, nonpartisan American Ideas Institute in Washington D.C. Its goal is to educate and inform Americans about financial responsibilities, foreign policy and civil liberties, all while focusing on the conservatism of realism and reform. The site is conservative in nature, but it warns you that it may not be what you think. It describes itself as “modest, open-minded and uninterested in partisan chicanery” and states it is “devoted to the conservative disposition, not the Republican Party.”The website is streamlined, easy to read and simple to navigate. The magazine’s title and tag line are centered in the header and its blue lettering...

Junk Gone Today

Whether you are a pack rat, moving to a new home, or moving a business to a new location, you’ll have inevitably accumulated a lot of junk you need to get rid of in a hurry. There are many companies around the nation that perform this work but today we are focusing on Cleveland’s junk removal experts, the team called Junk Gone Today.When you land on this site, you realize that the designer gave much thought to the subtle psychological impressions he or she wanted to make. For instance, the logo doesn’t emphasize the work “junk” because you already know that that is the topic at hand. However, they do emphasize the word “Today.” This not only creates a sense of urgency but also convenience. When you find yourself in this situation, it comes on fast and it can’t wait. You need this junk hauled off immediately and the designer...

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