DaVinci Vaporizer

Davinci Vaporizer is a website that sells portable vaporizers and accessories. Beyond vaporizers, they also sell aromatherapy products, as well. These vaporizers are intended for those who have experience vaping, as they are much higher tech than many other portable vaporizers out there today. They are especially aesthetically pleasing to everyone due to the varieties of vaporizer design options when you make a purchase. The website itself is aesthetically pleasing. With the basic design, users can find exactly what it is they are looking for with a quick skim of the home page. You will see the products they offer in the store, along with more information about them. The home page also features the ability to translate the site into various languages, to help international visitors use the site more efficiently. On the website, visitors...


This is a fantastic news website called Immortal that covers a variety of topics. The magazine style website makes everything easy to find and read. The layout and design of the website is easy on the eyes, and the black, grey, red, and white color scheme is both distinctive and user friendly. The navigation bar across the top of the website includes: News, Tech, Sports, Entertainment, Science, Business, Celeb, Health and Life. The News tab drops down to include the following categories: Crime, World, Politics, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Weird/Odd. The Sports tab drops down to include the following categories: Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Football, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Skiing, and Snowboarding. The Entertainment tab drops down to include the following categories: Music, Television, Gaming, and...

Coupon Chief

Coupon Chief is a website dedicated to online coupon and promotional codes. Whenever you shop online, the website is there for you to check to see if there are special deals you can use to save money. Sometimes, there are codes that are not well publicized, such as a free shipping offer, or a discount off your entire purchase. For those new to using promotional codes to save money online, there’s a page to show you how it works. Coupon Chief offers a wide variety of merchants. Users can enter their merchant in the search box on the homepage. If users are not sure what merchant they want to use, they can browse stores by tag, using the box on the right hand side of the home page. The top of the homepage includes listings for some of the website’s featured stores. Below that, users can see the most popular coupons being used. On the...

T-Square Super Band

T-Square is the official website for the Japanese band, T-Square Super Band. The band debuted in 1978. Though the website is entirely written in Japanese, it is easily translated to English with a click of the mouse. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. On the homepage, you will find a section dedicated to the most recent news about the band. It includes about five press release type posts that provide information about what the band is doing. You will also find a list of the band’s upcoming live performances, so if you are in the area, you can go listen to them perform. You will also see the most recent Facebook posts, and have the chance to like their Facebook page without ever leaving their official website,. On the sidebar, you will see links to Facebook, Amazon, and other ways to learn more about the band, including...

Wedding Photography Adelaide

Wedding Photography Adelaide is the official website for Mojo Studio, professional portrait and wedding photographers in Adelaide, Australia. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia, and the fifth largest city in Australia. Mojo Studio is the photography company for two photographers, Christine and Mark, whose combined experience adds up to more than 40 years. On their website, you’ll find information about who they are as a company, client testimonials, the packages they offer, and a blog. As a budget “disc only” photographer, Christine and Mark will provide you with a disc of quality, edited images, that you can take and have printed. This keeps their costs low, and they pass the savings on to you, as the customer. Weddings require a minimum four hour booking, and a minimum fee of $1350. While this sounds expensive,...

Epic Tech

EpicTech.ca is the official website for Epic Tech, which provides IT support for small businesses in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They offer a variety of technical services, including: hosted voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions, cloud backup and recovery, cloud storage, web and application hosting, network planning, and more. Whether you need to consult with IT experts to set up your business in the most efficient way possible, or you need services to keep your business running smoothly, the team at Epic Tech IT services can help.The highly qualified team of technical specialists will work on “anything with a screen”, anything that talks to a computer, or involves two devices speaking to each other. They will even work on smartphones.Though this is an incredibly targeted website, appealing to only those in the greater Toronto area in...

Relentless Gains

RelentlessGains.com is a website dedicated to helping men build the muscle they are looking for. The web is full of sites designed for this purpose and it can be hard to determine the real advice from the not-so-good advice out there trying to make money. The website is very basic - but nicely designed. The dark background and blue logo text is pleasing to the eye, and does not stress the reader. The design clearly indicates the target audience of males who are looking to increase muscle mass.On the first page of the website, you’re prompted to request access to a free report called, “The Muscle Building Mistakes Report” where you will find the top 10 mistakes when it comes to building muscle. When you get the free report, you are placed on the website’s mailing list, and in a community where you will get access to more information on a...


PetUpon.com is a wonderful go-to resource for people who are planning to add a pet to their family, be it for the first time, or the 10th time. Beyond resources for people who are thinking about buying or adopting a new pet, it also provides a great deal of information for people who are already pet owners. It’s a pet magazine written by pet lovers, for pet lovers. There is even a place where pet lovers can contribute content to the website, as well.The website itself is very clean in terms of design. The colors are simple: red, white, and black. It makes for an aesthetically pleasing website. Though there is a lot of information presented on the website, the navigation is clear cut, so visitors can find whatever it is they are looking for with ease. Categories include: Articles, Rescues, Pet Insurance, Pet Store Directory, Dog Food Reviews,...

The Sloane Clinic

When it comes to the beauty of your body, there is nothing wrong with striving for the best. But before you can do so, you need to know where to turn. You need to know which professionals are able to help you transform your look, and that is where The Sloane Clinic comes into play. From hair removal to plastic surgery and even thermage radio frequency skin tightening, you know you are going to be in good hands when you visit this clinic. Before you schedule an appointment and take the time to visit The Sloane Clinic in person, it is important that you learn as much as possible. This means spending time online, check out the company’s website in an attempt to learn more and make a decision as to whether or not moving forward would be in your best interest. While some websites in this niche fall short, not giving you the information you...


Sony has been one of the biggest names in the electronics industry for many years. Well before the internet became as popular as it is today, the company was dominating the globe with its high quality televisions, radios, and much more. Things have changed over the years, and in today’s day and age it is important for companies in this space to spend plenty of time and money online. And that is exactly what Sony has done. As you spend time on the Sony website, you will soon find that you are in good hands. This is the case because it is easy to make your way around, moving from one area to the next with ease. On the home page, there is an image slider above the fold that keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest from the company. For those who are visiting the Sony website for the first time, this makes it simple to find...

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